Hercules Building

Barrio Mexicaltzingo
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / Hogares Magnolia
Area / 4851.00 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Restoration Project / Arch. Guadalupe Castillo Aja
Structures / Acero y Concreto. Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Renders / e4lab Andrés Ramos
Year / 2007

Hercules Building is located on the corner of Colon Avenue and Montenegro Street, in the historical downtown of Guadalajara, in Mexicaltzingo’s neighborhood, a traditional area of the city. The building was a former mosaics factory called “Hércules”, from where it takes its name. In the project the historical building is kept and restored.

The project integrates the existing historical building with a building of contemporary language; through contrast, a dialog is established with the traditional architecture of the city.

The windows of the building on the façade in Colon Avenue have a syncopated pace that have reference to the vertical proportion of the typical historical buildings windows of the area. The ground floor is destined for commercial use. 32 apartments are projected in the new volumes and 2 apartments are projected in the top floor of the historical building.

The entrance to the building is through the portals of the historical building to strengthen the sensation of integration.

The rooftop of the historical building on the street of Montenegro works as terraces for the apartments, gesture that repeats in the rooftops of the new volumes.




Floor Plan 00

Floor Plan 01

Floor Plan 02

Floor Plan 03

Floor Plan 04

East Elevation

South Elevation

Longitudinal Section

Cross Section