Scene GDL

Colonia Jardines de Plaza del Sol
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Arpafil Competition
Architects / em-estudio + M.Arq. Andres Arias Madrid
Year / 2002

The project consists in one big rectangular prism oriented from east to west that “floats” over a transparent base which holds all the program, releasing a large area in order to generate two stripes of land that follow the building and its orientation: one of these stripes is a large public “plaza” where different floor textures encourage diverse activities to take place; the other stripe is filled with trees in order to create a green area. A street trespasses the prism integrating the project and the environment with the city achieving a sense of unity.

The different activities to be held are saturated and interconnected in the volume, this way a great urban “plaza” is created.

Aerial View

Amphitheater / Plaza

Plaza / Shops

Plaza / Movie Theaters