Forgotten Architectures

Recovery of spaces that pass unnoticed.

Grant for Young Creators
National Fund for Arts and Culture

Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Architects / em-estudio
Video / Ivan Esqueda Martínez
Year / 2007

Guadalajara, like many other cities of Mexico, has an industrial zone that is practically in disuse, due to the fact that the Industry seeks to move away from the city looking for spaces that adapt better to its needs. Because of this migration, monumental spaces are left behind, assuming that they are useless.

There are many examples in the world that refute this, where abandoned industrial spaces have turned into new areas of life for the city. These spaces are in front of our eyes, in the heart of our city, forgotten.

An example between among many, of an abandoned construction that has essence and a monumental space is the building of “CANADA”, a company that was a leader manufacturer of shoes and that was born in this city. This building is in Revolution Avenue  477.

This project seeks to design a mechanism for the rehabilitation of this “cathedral” of the industry. A center for the non-conformism and artistic production, of dialogs and affirmations, an open stage for the city; a space to live and work, impertinent and often chaotic; recyclable and evolutionary, a place for the reflection and the celebration, for the creation and the diffusion, for the experimentation and the solidarity. A polyvalency both physic (in the use of the structure of the place) and intellectual (in the variety of projects that can be born here).

As a beginning for this project, an installation is presented in the Museum of Fine Arts in San Luis Potosi; a piece that works as a critique to the oblivion of this one building. Inside the piece are presented two videos: one where the characters who survived this industry talk about its history; and other one that show the possibilities of uses that this building could have, and other buildings in similar condition.


Part 1

Part 2

Documentary Film about the life of the Former Workers of the extinct shoe factory, Canada.

Graphic proposal for the rehabilitation of abandoned buildings in Guadalajara, Mexico.