Aquatic Complex

Technological Studies Center of the University of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / University of Guadalajara
Seating Capacity: 5000 spectators
Area / 12,816.31 m2
Architects / em-estudio + S2 Arquitectura
Structures / Pondera, Ing David urzua
Engineering / GRUCO
Renders / Alberto Villar Watty
Year / 2010

With the idea that the sports facilities built for the 2011 Pan American Games must become an improvement for the city by being located in strategic places, reaching more people and strengthening the urban fabric with high territorial impact, is that the Aquatic Complex project on the premises of the Technological Studies Center of the University of Guadalajara, represents a real alternative as a wise decision that benefits the city as it allows the use existing infrastructure raising its status and capacity.

The aquatic complex takes advantage of an existing pool complex, adding a pool for water polo and for training. The present building is incorporated, including the structure, creating an extension that would have all the requirements from FINA achieving an space that can house 5000 spectators.

The Olympic pool structures a first class sporting center in one of highest populated area of the city, using existing facilities, renewing them, making them better.

Being inside the University creates a link between culture, education and sport. This action will strengthen the infrastructure of this public university which has limited resources but is the hotbed of athletes and new generations that will be responsible for the future of the city.

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New Program

New Structure


New Program