Colonia Roma
México D.F., México

Client / Grupo Impulza
Area / 160 m2
Interior Design / em-estudio _ Tónico Visual
Photography / Mara Sánchez Renero Labelle
Year / 2015


Poe is a bar located inside a building in Colonia Roma in Mexico City, in which there is also a restaurant and a concert forum. The bar is located on the first level, and it is accessed through the ground floor restaurant’s kitchen, creating the sensation of reaching a “hidden” place.

Poe seeks to be an intimate and exclusive place. Being contained within a wooden cube gives spatial warmth and creates an aesthetic of stylized lines.

An imposing wooden bar framed with a geometric design of wooden staves and hanging lamps is on the long side of the room.

In the back of the room is the DJ Booth, which is a black glass box that seems to float and is framed by a back of kaleidoscopic lights that move with the beat of the music.

03Bar_Poe copy



DJ Booth




Floor Plan