Olympic Stadium

Technological Studies Center of the University of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / University of Guadalajara
Seating Capacity: 14,808 spectators
Area / 12,816.31 m2
Architects / em-estudio + S2 Arquitectura
Structures / Pondera, Ing David urzua
Engineering / GRUCO
Lighting Desing / EGEA
Renders / Andrés Ramos
Year / 2011


Olympic Stadium of the University of Guadalajara

The stadiums are fundamental pieces and a referential in cities. Public or private buildings that open to athletes and fans, individuals and families, children and adults, are places to enjoy, to suffer, to laugh, cry and mourn, are living spaces. Going to a stadium is an adventure that never fails to surprise, because of its size, or the people, or the sport, or maybe because the surprise and magic can make your visit a complete experience.

Many stadiums are within university campuses, these have a double role, being part of the university and the city, being visited from within and the neighbors. This stadium is born with these preliminary issues and many more that are impossible to remember and recount one by one. But mostly is born with the great challenge of being a monumental piece of architecture: a stadium.

The main challenges of the project described in these pages are: designing an Olympic Stadium around an existing track; creating a proposal that can be built in parts; that the building system would be simple but would cover all the requirements of an international sporting event; establishing an appropriate relationship with the campus; and that it would have the corresponding presence to the importance of the university.

The project addressed these premises and the result shows these conditions. A solution that clearly exposes its parts and provides a versatile space in a proposal that meets the needs of Pan American competitions, and multitudinous events. Its support areas would be used for sporting, schoolar and cultural events.

This is a project that is open to the city and fragmented in its relationship with the campus, looking for a relationship that achieves an appropriate scale for every person.

Aerial View

View from “Calzada Olímpica”

Conceptual Isometric

Access Ramp

View from the Campus


Olympic Stadium