Janis Palmas

Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico City, Mexico

Area / 305 m2
Client / Grupo Epicentro
Architecture / em-estudio
Interior Design / Tónico Visual
Carpentry / Leonardo Cabrera
Electrical Systems / Miguel Ángel Márquez
Photography / Mara Sánchez Renero Labelle
Year / 2018

Janis Palmas is a branch of the original “Janis” bar that was in Colonia Roma, in Mexico City; located on the ground floor of the iconic Palmas 555 building.

The access to the club is through a red door that appears in the foyer of the building, which leads to the lobby of the project where the box office appears through infinite mirrors.

The main hall is composed by three main elements: the bar, the DJ booth and an infinite light ceiling, with red and white light bulbs that shine with the beat of the music.

On one side is the bar counter, which is a large table with classic moldings crowned by a composition of “exploiting” pianos.

The DJ booth is located in the center of the space as a golden mirror cube that floats, framed by a back of golden cylinders that emit light that flows with the “beats”.

The room is constructed with raw black brick walls where dozens of mirrors with classic gold frames are suspended, reflecting the endless space, between suspended neon phrases. The space is dressed with classic velvet armchairs and tables with golden details.

In the back of the space is the Joplin, the VIP room, decorated in a refined classic style, with walls and ceiling framed by golden moldings; crowned by twelve crystal chandeliers that gleam with the passing of night. Inside, there is a pink marble bar counter with a back of old mirrors and the mythical golden image of Janis Joplin. The DJ Booth rests on an antique drawer chest framed with a diamond of light.

The access to the toilets is through a space without edges lined with black Venetian mosaic, where a sense of spatial continuity is created. The bar in the space creates a meeting place. The lobby of the women’s toilets is a room covered in mirrors with dressing room lighting, providing the space with infinite reflections. The men’s room is an “empty” space around saxhorns transformed into urinals.

Entrance to bathrooms

Women’s batroom



Floor Plan