Federal Judicial Center in Jalisco

Periferico Poniente Manuel Gomez Morin Avenue
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Area / 114,248.54 m2
Architects / em-estudio + EVO Arq. Diego Vergara y Arq. Lorena Ochoa
Structures / Acero y Concreto, Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Renders / Alberto Villar Watty
Year / 2009

The project for the Federal Judicial Center in the State of Jalisco responds to its environment in the city. The skin that surrounds it is a response to its location on a fast vehicular traffic lane, the peripheral ring of the city; this skin changes while perceived in motion: as one approaches the building and as one moves away from it, giving the project a changing appearance all the time, becoming a non static building. This skin allows, since the building is located in the city’s  boundary with the Forest “Primavera”, to take advantage of its natural setting directing views towards the forest, while providing protection from excessive sunlight thus avoiding overheating in the working areas.

The project is organized in three volumes containing the main spaces of the complex: Module 1: Courts and Multi-Judge Courts, and Module 02: District Courts, these volumes reach different heights according to their spatial and organizational needs, and obtain more privacy by being above the rest of the program; Module 03: Institute of the Public Defender and Federal Judicial Institute, Module 04: Legal Culture House, Module 05: CENDI, and Module 06: Auditorium (which is separated from the gym to be linked directly to the open spaces and sports fields), Modules that are organized as a two stories foundation around the central plaza, surrounded on three sides by the buildings complex and in other side by a garden that extends to the Module 06: Gym and Cafeteria, following the axis of the predominant winds coming down from the hill “Colli” to the city.

The Federal Judicial Center in the State of Jalisco is a complex of buildings organized as “city” and achieves an integration with its urban and natural context; it is not closed but allows the user to experience different and changing readings while living it.

A project presented to the city as a solid and strong element, but with a dynamic and contemporary look; which is organized at the scale of the city while its inside is organized as a city for its users .


Interior Plaza

Aerial View

West Elevation / East Elevation

Section A A / Section B B

South Elevation

Section C C