Padilla Hotel

Historical Center
Plaza Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / Familia Padilla
Area / 4,049.35 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Structure / Acero y Concreto, Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Renders / Andres Ramos
Year / 2007

Hotel Padilla is located in a very important site in the city of Guadalajara: the Plaza Guadalajara, opposite to the Cathedral and the Municipal Palace. It is the possibility of inserting a contemporary building in an historical context.

The project uses an existing structure of the previous building in the site; the remaining foundation is reinforced to create a new building of 8 levels.

Hotel Padilla establishes a dialog with the surrounding buildings of Plaza Guadalajara through a suspended volume covered in black stone that corresponds with the lines and volumes of the neighboring buildings; a correspondence is established with the heights of the context. The windows have a syncopated pace that have reference to the vertical proportion of the typical historical buildings windows of the area, managing to establish a dialog between contemporary and historical architecture.

The crystal facade of the building changes continuously in color, sheen and reflections, changing the appearance of the building according to the hours of the day and the tones of the sky: by night the building turns into a lamp of urban scale which luminosity changes according to the intensity of the activities in the interior.

The ground floor and mezzanine are destined for commercial use; the entrance to the hotel is in the west part of the building in a more private street. In the level 8 of the building is a multi-use lounge with a superb location in the heart of the city and amazing views of the Cathedral.

The swimming pool is in the rooftop of the building, and a terrace / bar that enjoys the views of downtown. In this level the building loses its solidity and the crystal in the facade spreads towards the top and “disappears”. The building has a suspended volume of the same material of the main volume working as a formal and structural counterweight.

Aerial View

Room facing the Cathedral

Pool / Bar / Terrace

Floor Plans

Elevation with Context