Conjunto Bosque Los Colomos

Colomos Providencia
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / IKAL
Area / 6309 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Structures / Acero y Concreto, Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Engineering / INPRO, Ing. Francisco Ramírez
Photogrphy / Ivan Esqueda
Year / 2004

The project embraces the premise that establishes that people living in apartment buildings prefer to live on the ground floor to have an open private space or in the top floor to avoid having neighbors above them. According to this, as many as possible units are placed on the ground floor: 14 duplex apartments, which have a double height space and a private garden; and 16 single units in the upper levels.

The duplex apartments turn most of their spaces towards their interior garden to obtain more privacy; whereas the units on the top floors face towards the common areas of the complex and toward an adjacent park, “Los Colomos”.

The complex has a central patio to provide light and a sense of community to the space, on top of an underground parking; and in the rear of the complex is a garden with a terrace to complement the communal space.


Hallway / Facade

View from the Garden


Floor Plan

Duplex Apartment

Horizontal Apartment

Front Elevation

East Elevation