Bit Loft

Mexicaltzingo Neighbourhood
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Area / 6930 m2
Architecture / em-estudio
Structure / Ácero y Concreto. Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Engineering / INPRO. Ing. Francisco Ramírez
Renders / Andrés Ramos
Year / 2020

Bit Loft is located on the corner of Colon Avenue and Montenegro Street, in the Historic Center of the City of Guadalajara, in Mexicaltzingo neighborhood, a very traditional area of the city. It is an apartment project designed for people who prioritize a central location in the city and to have public amenities for work and recreation.

The project is located in the plot of the former Hercules Mosaic factory, where the building with heritage value located on Montenegro Street is preserved and restored. The proposal integrates the existing historical building with an extension that has a contemporary language that seeks, through contrast, to establish a dialogue with the traditional architecture of the city

The openings in the façade of the building on Colón Avenue, where the main access is located, seek, through its verticality, to have a relationship with the traditional windows but with a different rhythm to that existing in the historical buildings. On top of the historical part of the building is built a “raw” volume with ribs of cement bricks that emphasize the mentioned verticality.

The ground floor, on both street fronts, is intended for commercial use with 4 shops. 39 apartments are distributed between the volumes that give shape to the facade and those generated in the interior space. There is a parking level in a semi-basement, and the building has four floors of apartments, seeking to preserve a relationship with the height of the surrounding buildings.

When entering the building you reach a large patio where the vertical and horizontal circulations are located. All the apartments in the interior volume are duplex; on the ground floor, half of the apartments have access from this “patio”, and the other half have access from the fourth level, which creates a triple-height space without circulations, giving privacy and allowing the flow of air and light

The rooftops of the building on Montenegro Street are adapted as terraces of the departments, a gesture that is repeated on the rooftops of the interior volumes. On the rooftops above the volume on Colon Avenue are the amenities: coworking space, gym and playground.


Level -2.60


Level +0.70

Level +3.70

Level +6.70

Level +9.70

Level +12.70

Main facade

Montenegro facade

Section a-á

Section b-b´

Section c-c´

Section d-d´