Hacienda Ramos

Estancia de los Ayllones, Jalisco, Mexico

Client / Familia Ramos Menchaca
Architects / em-estudio + Arq. Marcos Esqueda Aguilar
Alarife / Rosa Eugenia Menchaca de Ramos
Structure / Ing. Carlos Aguilar
Photography / Ivan Esqueda
Year / 1999

Project of restoration and recovery of an estate from the 18th Century with patrimonial value. Using the constructive techniques from when it was built, the original appearance of the “hacienda” was recovered. Additions in the program of the building were made to make it more functional.

The project contemplates the integration of the estate to the existing environment, creating a direct relation with the town and the surroundings.



Game Room

Studio / Bar

Main Patio

Arched way