House GR

Residencial Los Olivos
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Area / 343.76 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Structure / IDE Ing. Jesús Magallón
Carpentry / MADELAR
Photography / Ivan Esqueda
Year / 2012

The exterior of the house is a big concrete monolith with few openings that allow the light inward giving as much privacy as possible to the client. This monolith “projects” without support over the garage and penetrates into the interior of the house where the holes increase depending on the areas.

On the ground floor, the interior is conceived as a large open space that begins with a double-height central patio with a glass roof, working also as the focal point of the project. The space extends to a side terrace / courtyard that visually connects public social areas: living room + dining room, family room and the kitchen.


Hall – Staircase

Staircase / Bridge – Estudio

Bridge – Studio

Dinning Room / Interior Patio

Living-Dinning Room / Terrace

A large wooden bridge connects the master bedroom with the rest of the rooms on the upper floor, giving privacy and protecting from the sun on the double height space of the dining room and central courtyard.

The wine celler is a concrete volume that is accessed from the central patio.

Wine Celler

Main Façade

Longitudinal Section

Ground Floor Plan

Top Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

South Elevation

Section bb

Section cc

Section dd