Guadalupe Tower

Jardines de los Arcos
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Mixed Use Building
Client / Grupo Herchel
Area / 6,850.00 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Structures / Acero y Concreto, Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Renders / e4lab Andrés Ramos
Year / 2007

The project creates a clear separation between the different uses proposed through the superposition of volumes; a volume covered with a translucent skin contains the offices space and functions as a transition between the commercial space in the street level and the apartments in the upper levels; this volume is dislocated from the main axis generating a triple height green space.

The treatment in the façade of the apartments volume responds to its orientation, transparent towards the east and solid towards the west; the materials in this volume creates a visual link with the main entrance: a concrete cube that establishes a dialogue with the materials in the main volume.

An open commercial space with a glass curtain gives continuity to the entrance to the offices volume separating the different lobbies.


Duplex Apartment

Schematic Section