Campo Lago
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Area / 668.87 m2
Architects / em-estudio
Structure / Grupo Acero y Concreto. Ing. Domingo Uriarte
Engineering / Inpro. Ing. Francisco Ramirez
Photography / Mara Sánchez Renero Labelle
Year / 2018

The house is located on the western side of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in a private housing development overlooking the forest of La Primavera. The project reveals itself as a concrete frame that slides laterally over a stone base, generating the gesture of the entrance to the residence. The access is through a stone staircase that rises from street level, through a lush garden until reaching an open wooden corridor that culminates on the main door.

In the middle of the lobby, rises a sculptural staircase made of wood, metal and glass that floats over a water mirror that permeates the exterior indoors, connecting the private area of the bedrooms on the top floor with the social area on the ground floor, continuing to the basement, where the wine cellar and the garage are, with a staircase that submerges in the water.


Lobby – Staircase


Dining – kitchen

Staircase / Cava



The social area is an open space where the kitchen, being the core of the project, coexists spatially and visually with the living room and the dining room. This space faces the garden, which is delimited by large eucalyptus trees, through a large window that hides inside a wooden wall, allowing a complete interaction of interior with exterior.

The posterior façade is generated with a concrete border that frames the public areas on the ground floor and the terrace in the main bedroom, the gym and the family room on the top floor. On one side of the concrete frame is the terrace / patio with wooden deck that complements the social space.


Floor Plan 1

Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan 0

Front Facade

Posterior Facade

South-east elevation

Section aa

Section bb