San Diego III

Morelos Park
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Housing for athletes
Pan American Games
Guadalajara 2011

Architects / em-estudio
Structure / Acero y Concreto, Ing. Domingo Uriarte Parra
Year / 2008

This is a project for one of the buildings of the Olympic village for Pan-American Games held in Guadalajara in 2011. The building would be destined to shelter the athletes during the Games, and after the conclusion of the event, it would be turned into housing.

The building San Diego III emerges from the intersection of 2 volumes that generate two openings of urban scale that create terraces that allow the contemplation of Morelos Park and the historical buildings in front of it.

In the street level, a dark stone base denotes continuity with the surrounding buildings. Commercial spaces appear through the openings in the façade, giving to the building a unique rhythm.

The volume of the building is perceived as a monolithic functional structure of concrete with a different color than the base. The windows have a syncopated pace that have reference to the vertical proportion of the typical historical buildings windows of the area, managing to establish a dialog between contemporary and historical architecture.

The building has mobile parasols in the western façade made from reused wood from the construction to avoid the excessive heat in the apartments.

A patio with trees is projected in the center of the building. This patio functions as a semiprivate space, and through a triple height opening in the building, the apartments get crossed ventilation and a viewing point towards the park.

The building has a green roof that works also as a social area.

Main Facade

Interior Patio

Volumetric Figure

Section of Model Apartment